Our Stylish Den

Brücke 49 is for a special kind of people. They come from many corners of the World, but share a passion for the extraordinary. For the original and heart-made.

The Zervreila Room has its name from the mountain at the end of the valley which the room faces. Step out on the private balcony facing south and let the sun warm you while you let the day begin. The beds in Brücke 49 are handmade to the highest standards and laid with linen of 100% natural materials to cover the soft pillows and quilts,which we hope you’ll find just right for a comfortable night. What you also will remember from the Zervreila room is the simplicity, the handmade English wallpaper made by William Morris. Characteristic is the Danish handmade Le Klint lamp which is as stylish as when it was designed in the 60‘s.