Bed & Breakfast and Beyond.

Brücke 49 is far from what you might consider a Bed & Breakfast.  It’s stylish, tasteful, luxurious and as such, a re-invention of the hearty original B&B idea.

Your home away from home.

It is our ambition that you’ll feel that Brücke 49 is your home away from home.

Brücke 49 offers an understated personalized retreat, which is far from ordinary, with a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable the moment you enter the house. No matter if you only have a short stay, a quite retreat to read, write or reflect. Or a longer stay, seeking  the healthy boost from trekking or skiing in the beautiful mountains surrounding Vals. Whatever your reason for coming to Vals - Brücke 49 is the perfect base for you.

We hope you will enjoy the comfort and spirit of a house that is still going strong after sheltering its inhabitants for more than a 100 years. Carrying signs of a simple but happy life, which you will discover in many details and corners of the house. From the huge natural Valser granite stone slabs on the ground floor to the heavy wooden beams holding the rough stone roof and the tons of snow during the long winter.


Brücke 49


Postfach 111

CH-7132 Vals

+41 (0) 81 420 4949