Ruth and her daughter, Pernille.

A Family Affair

For us, Brücke 49 is a life-long dream come true. For many years

Ruth has thought about how nice it would be to have a small B&B.

Thomas, on the other hand, is more of a handy-man who dreamed

of working outside and living close to beautiful nature.

We have both enjoyed good and long careers, Ruth as a designer and Thomas as a marketing and business developer. We have worked for large corporations and for ourselves, often juggling international projects that meant travelling to many destinations.

Thomas and “Cookie” working late in the Brücke 49 “Office”.

One of these places was Vals. We were instantly spellbound by the beauty of the setting and by the village’s unique cultural mix of well-traveled people and local farmers, some of whom had never have been out of the valley.

Refurbishing Brücke 49 finally makes our dream come true.

Our vision

We have always been fascinated by the simple and good things in life. Whenever we travel ourselves, we look for places to stay that are small and cozy and often luxurious in their approach to the little things that we tend to notice. We appreciate original ideas and like to be around things that are so well designed and crafted that they will last for a very long time.

With Brücke 49, we want to re-invent the traditional, cozy Bed & Breakfast.

We have conceived the experience as a breath of fresh air for people who often travel – and a restful oasis for families looking for a short break in the countryside.

Our idea is to introduce the original B&B idea to our passion for design, architecture,

culture, originality, creativity and quality. We want our guests to experience the

special blend of contemporary luxury and timeless beauty that is Vals.

Ruth in the Brücke 49 living room with a 1 day old lamb, which one of the farmers proudly came by the house to show us.